Champagne Lelarge Pugeot

like one of those historical wineries with "reserved richness of a family", a whole new chapter was written for the Lelarge family in 1799...Rapid development in both vineyard and cellar practises, new vision of reducing the use of agrochemical products in the vineyard since 1990...Followed by obtaining of a better grapes maturity (to have a higher sugar level at harvest), renovation of a larger wine cellar to implement the production facilities, and also innovation of various oenological practices (i.e.) no dosage, amphora usage and etc.

Clear evidence of those artisan Champagne producers would want to push the limits by farming organically and or biodynamically, while in the past (perhaps even today), Champagne region has still considered as one of the heaviest pesticide products in corporation in France.  

When tasted with Champagne Lelarge, I sensed that there's a clear concept of their wine, and continue the family legacy!

Wine Selection (available at Tchin Tchin):

Tradition: Pinot Meunier more in blend (50%+); floral, smooth
Blanc de Blanc Extra Brut: energetic, pure, long ageing (5years on the lees), complex!
Rosé Extra Brut: dense, a serious rosé bubbles!


the happy moment at tasting  ©tchintchinwinebar

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