Château De Monfaucon

It is a rare occasion that you would discover Bordeaux wine producer concentrates on producing  an entire range of white wine, and it really exists! Château De Monfaucon is one of the examples, possibly the only one in Bordeaux. A beautiful biodynamically farmed 3.5 Ha. vineyard that soon as you step in, you will breath and cherish what nature can offer.

I have know this brillant owner and winemaker, Dawn Jone-Cooper for a few years now. I still remember the first time I reached out to her vineyard, to discover and to understand her passion and philosophy. Roughly 40 minutes driving distance from Bordeaux center, which allows some flexibility if you're on holidays and would like to visit a 'real' artisan wine producer. 

Dawn is one of those biodynamic wine producers, driven by passion and keen on details:

vineyard tour and education ©tchintchinwinebar

Self-grown and dried herbs and plants by Monfaucon, in order to use for the Biodynamic preparation:

unique "home-made" compost ©tchintchinwinebar

grout for care of vine trunk ©tchintchinwinebar

Château De Monfaucon produces both sparkling and still wine. The cremant (sparkling wine) follows "traditional method" with a blend of sauvignon blanc, sémillon and muscadelle; The still wine range includes 3 varietal wine, and 2 different blends. She also produces a "secret" variety - Chardonnay, out of the norm!

Wine Selection:

Sauvignon Blanc: fruit driven, pure, makes you wonder to draw the lines between Sancerre-Bordeaux-New Zealand.
Muscadelle: rare as a varietal wine; semi-aromatic, floral scent, just so pretty!
Sémillon: rich, digest, a serious wine; unlike the majority style; even has potential to age.
Sémillon-Muscadelle: equilibrium, makes you more thirsty!
: fresh, sublime, creamy palate, a great bargain if you love bubbles.
Prestige chardonnay: charming; if you are trying in blind tasting, makes you think of the real hometown - Burgundy.


when winemaker speaks at the wine salon ©tchintchinwinebar

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