the name plaque is fixed on the floor in the cellar room ©tchintchinwinebar
Demencia is established by Nacho Léon, the owner and winemaker. I've met him in 2018 when travelled to Castilla y Léon wine region. The winery is more precisely based in Bierzo, a sub-region is less known and perhaps shadowed by other famous ones in Spain. 

Nacho has kindly toured me around his vineyard plots, and explained his concept. I immediately realised that the local vine growing is blessed by a such micro-climate. The breathtaking mountainous landscape with high elevation (800m+), which provides some protections of the cold wind and also benefit from the diurnal temperature in order to reach optimal maturity of the grapes. 

view of Nacho's vineyard in April ©tchintchinwinebar

Working with the old-aged vines, experimenting on inter-plantation of varieties, pruning style, soil management and etc. Nacho cultivates organically since the beginning of the project. His endless energy and passion in the vineyard allows him to research, to adapt and to develop through each vintage. He says, every vintage is a new challenge, and organic farming practice allow us to observe and to understand the vines' behaviour year after year. 

We then arrived at his "garage" style of cellar, I would prefer the term of vinification room. The simplicity of the room or cellar well interprets his idea of being an artisan producer, making good wines and spreading the passion around. We have tasted some barrel samples. I still remember the 2018 godello barrel sample was so delicious even it was not ready at the time. I am inspired of his precision in winemaking; clean, pure and just delicious! 

Demencia produces 6 wines. Taruguin wine is a recent project, and is it produced under Ribera del Duero DO. Surprisingly he makes Cachican wine with some non-native grape varieties (trousseau, alicante bouchet), this is an interesting field blend red for him to have fun experience. 

Wine Selection:

Pyjama: simple, fun, when you see the wine label, you'll laugh!
Cachican: juicy, digest, field mixed blend of white and red varieties. It requires some patience on the opening.
Taruguin: rich, energetic, touch of bitterness, a classic style of tinto fino (tempranillo).
Demencia: the essencial selection of the winery, available in both white (godello) and red (mencia). Elegant, complexed and makes you imagine the winemaker at the same time!


range of Demencia wine ©tchintchinwinebar

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