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When think of orange wine, Georgia probably is the first thing to pop up in the head. Certainly it has become a fashion trend nowadays for the curious wine amateurs. More producers are experimenting and trying to gain a better understanding of the mysterious scenes behind those pretty orange colour. 

Fortunately, I had some experience of tasting those wine almost a decade ago. It was probably not a la mode at the time than how often you'd hear from the wine consumers today. Through my wine journey, I got to know this fantastic producer - Stéphane Bannwarth,  more precisely that he is the first in France to produce a range of fabulous orange wine from the Georgian kvevri in Alsace. 

working with the qvevri   source:

Régine & Stéphane, descendent of Bannwarth, who has always shared their vision and passion of Alsacien wine culture since the early stage. They have also developed their viticulture practices and style of winemaking, in terms of integration of organic and biodynamic farming; installation of suitable facilities in the cellar; usage of  different vessels to ferment and to age the wine; application of vinolok (a high quality of glass bouchon) for all the wine.

Wine Selection (available at Tchin Tchin) :

Pet Nat: easy, fun, fine bubbles and a touch of sweetness, it just going to make you salivary.
Riesling Coeur de Bild: straightforward approach, pure, food wine.
Riesling Bildstoecklé: Bildstoecklé - a specific site; great concentration, mineral, complex.
Pinot Gris BildstoeckléBildstoecklé - 
a specific site; great concentration, mineral, complex.

Orange Wine:
La Vie en Rose: like what the label says, rose petal, orange peel, a very different approach for Gewüztraminer, so pretty. 
Riesling Qvevri: you would experience something magic with this wine! A tons of aromatic herbal bouquet, aromatic profile, just going to make your day! *need some patient to wait to enjoy.

a beautiful set of Laurent Bannwarth's wine ©tchintchinwinebar


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